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The Sex.Com Chronicles

by Charles Carreon


Suppose you found something that turned out to be worth $15,000 a day? And what if before you ever saw a penny, someone stole it from you and pocketed all the money for himself? What would you do to get it back?

With his Stanford MBA and knack for online business, Gary Kremen had been featured in both Fortune and Forbes magazines before he turned 30. In March of 1994, when he registered Sex.Com, Gary had no idea his world would soon collide with the criminal career of Steven Michael Cohen, a conman doing time in Lompoc Federal Penitentiary. Shortly after his release from Lompoc, Cohen stole Sex.Com with a forged document. But when Gary sued to recover his property, his claim fell on deaf ears in the legal system—that is until Gary met Charles Carreon, an Oregon trial lawyer with “muleskinner wisdom.” Cohen had met his match!

“Once I started reading Carreon’s story of the brutal battle for Sex.Com, I couldn’t put it down.”—Hal Meyer

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