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The Sex.Com Chronicles

by Charles Carreon

The dot-com era was a time of unforeseen changes in the way we communicate and live our lives, and those who lived at the center of that maelstrom of transformation knew the exhiliration of being the first explorers of a new world.  Written by cyberlawyer Charles Carreon, the Sex.Com Chronicles captures and encapsulates the thrilling atmosphere in which the new world of cyberspace was created.  Depicted in elegantly simple prose, the main players come to life on the page — Stephen Michael Cohen, the intrepid thief who stole Sex.Com with a forged letter, Gary Kremen, the tenacious dot-commer who demanded justice, Judge James Ware, the impassive District Court judge who decided a case for which there were no precedents, and Carreon himself, the unconventional lawyer who knew he had a chance to make history.  The action builds in a series of gripping chapters that hold the reader in thrall until the last page is turned.

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