Author Charles Carreon

The Sex.Com Chronicles

by Charles Carreon

Charles Carreon is a veteran trial lawyer who began his career in Los Angeles in 1986 after graduating from UCLA Law School, where he was honored to receive the John Olin Fellowship in Law & Economics, and founded Lawpoets, the first poetry club in the history of the school.  After working for large corporate lawfirms for several years, he recovered his sanity and went to work for Mazursky, Schwartz & Angelo, a renowned plaintiffs trial firm, where he learned the art of trying civil cases.  After three years as a civil trial lawyer, he decided fighting over human freedom would be more important than fighting over money, and moved to Oregon where he became a Deputy District Attorney in Jackson County, Oregon, and then became a criminal defense lawyer, working for the Federal Public Defender and running his own private practice.  In 1999, he was swept up in the dot-com madness, and became the lawyer for Gary Kremen in the notorious Sex.Com case.  He now practices Internet law for a variety of web-based businesses, operating out of his home office in Tucson, Arizona.

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