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The Sex.Com Chronicles

by Charles Carreon

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Before you travel to the dark side of compulsion, establish reliable friendships with persons willing to send lawyers, guns, and money to aide your cause. Then in any pinch you might imagine, tell your friends to send Charles Carreon in the role of the white-hat lawyer. If your dark compulsion is merely literary in nature, Carreon fills big shoes as he stands and delivers. This is one tome you can turn over and spank time and again. Show Entire Comment


As a former attorney, this book was fascinating. Extremely well written with excellent down to earth perceptions that the author lived through. Coming out of law school, I was fortunate enough to actually clerk on this case for roughly 6 weeks and the sheer volumes of paperwork generated by the parties was overwhelming. I can attest to one thing though: In my subsequent 7 years as a practicing attorney, never have I seen a lawyer as focused, sharp and on top of their game as Charles Carreon was during my time on this case. Show Entire Comment

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