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The Sex.Com Chronicles

by Charles Carreon

Written by Charles Carreon, a trial lawyer with twenty-six years of experience, The Sex.Com Chronicles is a literary treat for practicing lawyers, who will enjoy Carreon’s apt portraits of advocates, clients and judges, and appreciate his gift for summarizing the ironies that abound in trial practice.  Law professors will want to consider assigning The Sex.Com Chronicles as supplemental reading for their students in Civil Procedure, Property, Torts, and Trial Advocacy.  Students raised in the heyday of the dot-com era will enjoy the book as a contemporary introduction to the mysteries of client relations, civil discovery, and pretrial procedure in a fast-paced narrative that provides a pleasant break from caselaw and establishes a context for practical discussions.  In fifty-eight chapters averaging four pages in length, Carreon sketches the contestants and their lawyers, explains their legal contentions, and compares their strategies, drawing dialogue from deposition transcripts and drama from court proceedings to tell the story as it happened.  Written from the perspective of the plaintiff’s lawyer engaged in an uphill battle to establish an untested legal theory on behalf of a dot-com entrepreneur, The Sex.Com Chronicles also provides a gritty foretaste of the realities of trial practice to counterbalance the common but mistaken impression that law is a genteel profession.  Fast, funny, and deadly accurate in its portrayal of the law business, The Sex.Com Chronicles will be a treat for lawyers, law students, and anyone interested in the profession.

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